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Power Electronic Based Distribution Transformer

Power Electronic Based Distribution Transformer

Submitted By: Rupinr

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A transformer performs many functions such as voltage transformation, isolation, and noise decoupling, and it is an indispensable component in electric power distribution systems. A distribution transformer has consisted of a configuration of iron or steel cores and copper/aluminum coils, with mineral oil serving as both coolant and dielectric medium. Inherent in this type of construction are regulation, significant weight, losses, environmental concerns, and power quality issues. A new kind of distribution transformer is proposed; one that can be made self-regulating, oil-free, and able to correct power quality problems. A power electronic transformer has been analyzed, simulated, prototyped, and tested. And this paper presents the result of above experiment.


Distribution transformers are fundamental components of the power distribution system and are relatively inexpensive, highly reliable, and fairly efficient. However, they possess some undesirable properties including sensitivity to harmonics, voltage drop under load, (required) protection from system disruptions and overload, protection of the system from problems arising at or beyond the transformer, environmental concerns regarding mineral oil. These disadvantages are becoming increasingly apparent as the power quality is an increasing concern. This paper introduces the architecture of a power-electronics based transformer that is insensitive to harmonics, keeps user-induced harmonics from propagating into the power system, keeps system harmonics from propagating to the user , has zero regulation, performs input power factor correction and does not uses mineral oil and liquid dielectrics. This architecture was used in the design of a 10 kVA, 7.2 kV to 240V distribution transformer. The performance of the design is established using computer simulation and has been validated in hardware.
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 October 27, 2010

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